Vikings Changelog

Vikings Changelog
Vikings Roster Changes

The Vikings made some moves this week.

After adding wide receiver Josh Doctson, the team cut center/guard Brett Jones.

I thought that surprising, given the iffiness of Pat Elflien‘s play last year and his switch from center to guard this year. I figured Jones was safe as a reliable backup plan.

But it appears the team had always planned to bring him him back because it’s been reported by numerous outlets that the team never cleared his locker out. And bring him back they did by re-signing him this week.

That left tight end Brandon Dillon “unrostered” but they signed him this week to the practice squad.

It doesn’t appear the team will be looking to bring Vedvick back because the practice squad has been filled to the brim with Dillion, maxing out at 10 players.

Then today, the Vikings put Josh Doctson on the injured list, apparently with an option to return, according to Viking Territory’s Sean Borman:

The one-liner of the day goes to Fake Mike Zimmer on Twitter:

Wide receiver Alexander Hollins was signed to the practice squad and the team put cornerback Nate Meadors on the active roster.

One roster move the Vikings couldn’t make but would’ve liked to was signing wide receiver Brandon Zylstra to the practice squad. That’s because the Minnesota boy signed with the Carolina Panthers.

And that sucks because he became one of my favorite players when he stayed after practice to play catch with fans in the stands for a good twenty minutes one day during spring training.

Wide receiver Brandon Zylstra plays catch with fans