Seven Hours Of Football

Now that I’ve got some administration issues taken care of with my posts, I want to brag.

The previous record of a playing a day of football was six hours, which was held by and myself.

Today, I broke that record. Today I played seven games of football. That’s seven hours of football.

I am the all-time record-holder! I did it; it is me who owns the record. Uh-huh.

I started at 11 a.m. with four games. Our first game was for one of my co-ed teams and we tied even though we absolutely should have one. We just dropped too many passes.

My second game was one of my men’s teams and we slaughtered our opponent. It wasn’t close at all. It was ugly. Our opponent it very well, considering.

My next game was another guys’ team and we played our nemesis, Full Speed. They are very good but we went up on them by two scores, and you could tell it was getting to them, they started arguing and all. But we let them off the hook. They came back to tie the game and that’s how it ended. We had a dropped touchdown on the last play of the game.

My last CSC game was another co-ed team, and we slaughtered that opponent, too. It was absolutely unfair because we had two safeties who cover a lot of ground so our up front players just had to bite on the short stuff. I missed three interceptions.

After that, I headed over to Northeast Minneapolis for our pickup game and when I got there there were already quite a few people tossing the ball around. We ended up having about thirty people, so we set up two fields to play two games.

During the second game, I hype-extended my knee while defending a ball. I planted with my right foot and a guy fell on my leg full force between my knee and my ankle. I limed on that for a while. I also broke up a couple of passes with my bad finger. I broke the pinky on my right hand several weeks ago and wear a brace for it but when it gets hit full force, it still hurts.

By the third game, my knee was really hurting me and sorta wobbly and my feet were insanely sore and I was all stiff from the time we spent between games picking teams. I really didn’t think I was going to finish the game. But about three quarters into the game I caught a second wind and my knee stopped bothering me and my feet didn’t hurt so much any more and I started making some plays.

I did finish the game. So that was seven games at an hour a piece for seven hours of football today. It was about sixty degrees and sunny all day. Absolutely beautiful.

And now I’m dead tired and am taking microsteps but I’ve got a in the crock pot and the BoSox and Tribe on the HD. Could life be any better?

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