Super Freak Randy Moss Video

You gotta just shake your head in amazement when you think of teams like the 49ers who, through some cruel cosmic joke on the rest of the league, are able to field two Hall of Fame quaterbacks one right after the other, Joe Montana becomes Steve Young, without missing a beat, or, shall we say, pass.

Vikings fans have some inkling of what it must be like because we have had the great good fortune of watching one certain future Hall of Famer and another who, if he remains healthy, will almost equally certainly be a Hall of Famer. If you’re a bit slow on the uptake, I’m talking about recievers Cris Carter and Randy Moss. It’s not comparable to having two Hall of Fame quaterbacks, but it’s the next best thing.

Randy Moss Video

The reason I was thinking of this is that I stumbled across a Randy Moss highlight video on a Viking fan site called Purple Dawgs. The Purple Dawgs are Viking tailgaters who party in a purple van.

While clicking around on the site, I found a QuickTime video of highlights from Moss’ rookie season that is phenomenally well done. I don’t know if someone connected with the site created the video, or if they found it and are just hosting it at their site. I’ve sent an email inquiry but to date I’ve had no response.

You do have to see the video. It’s set to the song Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down. The video uses a comic book theme in which Moss is the superhero and morphs from comic-book like animation to live action. It’s worth the download wait both for cleverness of the artistry as well as for, of course, all those astounding Moss catches.